The Weaver (The Weaver Trilogy Book 1) by Heather Kindt

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by Heather Kindt
The Weaver (The Weaver Trilogy Book 1) by Heather KindtThe Weaver Series: The Weaver Triology #1
Published by Independently Published on August 7, 2019
Source: Netgalley Arc
Genres: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 238
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Format: Ebook Arc
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Most writers choose the endings to their stories . . . most writers are not Weavers.Laney Holden is a freshman at Madison College whose life goes from normal to paranormal in a matter of seconds. When the antagonist in the book she's writing shoves her down the stairs at the subway station, she learns she is a Weaver. Weavers bridge the narrow gap between fantasy and reality, bringing their words to life.Laney soon meets William whom she also suspects is a character from her book--one she's had a mad crush on since her pen hit the paper. But he's in danger as her antagonist reveals a whole different ending planned for Laney's book that involves killing William. Laney must use her writing to save the people closest to her by weaving the most difficult words she will ever write.THE WEAVER is the first installment of The Weaver trilogy. It is an NA paranormal romance set in a small town on the north shore of Boston. It will leave you wanting more.

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This book has been on my netgalley list since 2019 so it qualifies for my challenge to clean out my netgalley backlog. It also a indie novel so i will be reviwing all 3 boooks as i always strive to share indie authors.




The Weaver is the first book in a three-book indie fantasy story about writers (also known as weavers) who have the power to have what they write come to life and the results of those creations trying to force their creators to change the story. I have always loved books about books, and this one is no exception; the world crafted by Heather Kindt is unique and dangerous and kept me on the edge of my seat to the very last page. I liked that our main character is more of an introvert on a college campus, is well-defined in who she is, and wants to keep her personal story to herself. The grandpa being a part of the secret world was also a nice touch. I am ready for the next book, where we learn what a watcher is.

About Heather Kindt

Heather Kindt grew up in Derry, New Hampshire, but now resides in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and two children. She loves writing YA fantasy and humorous fiction. Her debut novel, Ruby Slips and Poker Chips, won the Dan Alatorre Word Weaver Writing Contest.

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