Ink and Ore (The Kerafin Chronicles Book 1) by Hayley Whiteley

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by Hayley Whiteley
Ink and Ore (The Kerafin Chronicles Book 1) by Hayley WhiteleyInk and Ore Series: The Kerafin Chronicles Book 1
Published by Storm Hollow Press on January 23, 2024
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Genres: Dark Fantasy
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Format: Ebook Arc
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A mysterious letter. A forbidden magic. A lie that led to war—and two girls who know the truth.

Lifelong friends Brenna Malley and Katiel Salzbruck are looking forward to a summer visit, but their plans are ruined when war breaks out between their rival homelands, Bar Kur and A’slenderia. Then, they find a shocking message hidden on the back of a letter, claiming the war started because of a treasonous plot. Determined to end the war before their loved ones die in battle, Brenna and Katiel leave their small-town lives behind and embark on a quest for the truth.

Following a trail of letters, Brenna and Katiel learn about the involvement of the ore—a legendary magical substance that can transform into anything. To restore peace to the Continent of Kerafin, they must harness the magic, navigate questionable allies, and survive harrowing ordeals. But as love, secrets, and betrayal complicate the journey, the friends must determine where their true loyalties lie—before it’s too late.

Perfect for fans of Shadow and Bone and Divine Rivals, Ink and Ore is the first installment in The Kerafin Chronicles, a character-driven, young adult gaslamp fantasy trilogy


Ink and Ore is a debut indie novel about two friends fighting against all odds to end a war. The magic system is unique; the plot twists keep you guessing at every turn, and the anguish you feel as you read about some of these characters’ circumstances is gut-wrenching. Katie and Brenna are the heroines of this story, and they are firm in their belief they can end this war if they share the truth they have uncovered. The magic system is well explained in this world. Magic has a source, and that source needs to be on the wielder’s person for its work, which makes for a learning curve, as you will see in the pages of Ink and Ore. The title drew me into the book, and then the cover and, of course, the teasers. A mysterious letter, a forbidden magic, a lie that led to war, and two girls who know the truth. Pick up Ink and Ore on January 23, 2024.


About Hayley Whiteley

Hello! I’m Hayley, an indie fantasy author currently in the midst of writing and publishing my debut series, The Kerafin Chronicles.

As a lifelong reader, I always dreamed of creating the type of stories that inspired me as a child – whimsical, hopeful tales like The Chronicles of Narnia, Heidi, and Little House on the Prairie. After receiving my Mechanical Engineering degree from Auburn University (War Eagle!), I worked for a few years in the military defense industry before deciding I wasn’t ready to give up on my writing dreams. I then revamped Brenna and Katiel’s story (one of my many, many scrapped projects) and started from scratch on a new draft, which eventually became Ink and Ore!

Outside of reading and writing, I love baking, photography, spending time with my family, and doing nearly any activity outdoors, especially if it involves a beach. Though I’m from Alabama originally, I now live in Florida with my loving husband, Nick, my adorable baby son, Hollis, and my sweet calico cat, Maui.