Book Review: Fyskar (The Kavordian Library, #1) by Chapel Orahamm

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by Chapel Orahamm
Book Review:  Fyskar (The Kavordian Library, #1) by Chapel OrahammFyskar Series: The Kavordian Library,
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US on January 27, 2021
Pages: 815
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A plague doctor, a prince, a bodyguard, a pack of college students, sentient wolves, & a mad scientist. When a government agency starts WW4, it will take descendants of an ancient line and modern ingenuity to save humanity. Fyskar: 1692, a plague doctor returns home after 10 years to for revenge. His hired hand gets it in his head to find out why the man has a vendetta against the area's most powerful clan. His motivation will effect the outcome of humankind centuries later.


This book is different from what I usually read; it is a historical fiction about a plague doctor who arrives on the island intent on destroying a whole family. It is unclear why he is intent on this until after those events play out. The rest of the book is about our plague doctor Eoin unburdening himself uniquely to his comrades, an unsuspecting couple. The couple is unique in how they earn their living and their relationship. I found the story to be more about the characters after the significant event happens rather than what happens at the story’s start. There are a total of 4 books for this series, and from what I can gather, you need to read them all to figure out the whole picture of what the author is trying to portray. I like books that surprise me and are unpredictable, and keep things fresh and new, especially when you feel like everything you read is so much like everything else.

About Chapel Orahamm

Chapel Orahamm is an Editing Service and the Pen Name for Thornton Gibson who is a Line & Substance Editor, Slipstream Author and Illustrator. With a degree in Liberal Arts – Asian Art History and Asian History and a minor in sociology, they end up getting stuck into research when writing.