Stealing from Wizards Volume 1: Pickpocketing (Stealing from Wizards #1) by R.A. Consell

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by R. A. Consell
Stealing from Wizards Volume 1: Pickpocketing (Stealing from Wizards #1) by R.A. ConsellStealing from Wizards Series: Stealing from Wizards #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US on October 29, 2019
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Genres: Fantasy & Magic
Pages: 296
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"Living in secret and stealing to eat is a hard life, but it's all Kuro has ever known. Fear and necessity forged him into the finest young thief in the wizard kingdoms. Nobody can hide forever, though, and a run of poor luck lands Kuro in a place where his quick hands and quiet feet count for nothing: Avalon Academy, school of magic.Out of his depth and unable to escape, can Kuro find a place among the other misfits at the school, or will his past return to ruin the one chance he has to leave his life in the shadows?"--Publisher's description.


I discovered this book when I was browsing Wattpad and started reading it. When I got the end of the chapters available, I found out that the book was available in full format in two very readily available ways. 1. I could purchase it from Amazon as an ebook for a friendly low price, but the author released it as a podcast where he read the book out chapter by chapter. I immediately accessed the podcast and thoroughly enjoyed listening to it that way.
Stealing from Wizards centers around a young boy named Kuro who lives with a mean master who orders him around to do errands for him as they live in a magical alley called Dertius Lane. Kuro is a thief, and he lives on the edges of a magical kingdom, and you can only hide so long. Before long, he ends up at Avalon Academy, a school of magic, and entirely out of his depth with no knowledge of magic or what to expect. If you missed Harry Potter and are looking for a new magical read, this one might be for you.


About R. A. Consell

Ryan was born and raised near Toronto. He has lived and worked in Tokyo and Vancouver, but currently calls Ontario Home.

Aside from writing, he is a teacher of science and mathematics, stage actor, armorer, and nerd culture activist. His work has been featured on io9, Kotaku, Boingboing, MTV Geek, and in Game Developer Magazine.

Ryan is an internationally acclaimed theorist on the science of fiction. He has consulted on such titles as “The Science of Game of Thrones” and has spoken at events including DragonCon and Convergence and partnered with the American Chemical Society. He employs his background in materials science and engineering to overthink fictional physics and to make science more accessible to the public.