Successor (The Dragonrider Heritage #3) by Nicole Conway

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by Nicole Conway
Successor (The Dragonrider Heritage #3) by Nicole ConwaySuccessor Published by Broadfeather Books by Nicole Conway on June 8, 2021
Source: ebook
Genres: Action & Adventure, Animals, Epic, Fantasy
Pages: 272
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The truth of Thatcher's divine birthright could save his friends ? if it doesn't destroy him first.Left reeling from a brutal attack by the Ulfrangar, Thatcher and his friends struggle to regroup. But their time is already running out. With the forces of their mysterious enemies now allying against them and Phillip's betrayal confirmed, the group fears they may have stumbled into an unwinnable fight for their lives.The group knows they need to get Phillip back in order to even the odds, but haggling with notorious crime lords and dueling assassins in the streets is not what any of them bargained for. And when the Ulfrangar make a brutal surprise strike, Thatcher's godling power finally begins to awaken. Can he find the strength he's longed for to rise and fight for the people he loves? Or will his destiny to become a God drive them all apart?


The successor is the 3 rd book in the dragon rider heritage books by the fantastic Nicole Conway. In this series, we are following Thatcher as he is plucked from being a lowly person on the bottom rung of society to gaining the trust of a dragon. His dragon is now blind and has to trust Thatcher fully, but along the way, we gain Murdoc, who used to be a psycho ulfrangar who also maybe gaining the attention of a dragon. Thatcher comes into his own in this book, and I loved the scenes with Murdoc as he wrestles with a dragon who won’t give up on him. They’re also the impossible task of saving Philip, brainwashed and controlled throughout this series. A lot happens in this book, and it not the end of our story either.


About Nicole Conway

Nicole is an award-winning, #1 international bestselling author from North Alabama. With a passion for relatable, authentic characters and exciting, fast-paced plots, Nicole is best known for her series, THE DRAGONRIDER CHRONICLES. Other published works include THE DRAGONRIDER LEGACY SERIES, SPIRITS OF CHAOS SERIES, MAD MAGIC SAGA, and THE DRAGONRIDER HERITAGE SERIES (Coming Winter 2020).

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