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by Frank L. Cole
Middle-Grade Review:The Questmaster's Trap Series: Champion’s Quest #2
Published by Shadow Mountain on September 14, 2022
Genres: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic
Pages: 288
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Another role-playing game of Champion's Quest awaits our young champions, but this time they are tricked into leaving the real world and tossed into the fantasy game that is a dangerous trap filled with new and challenging foes.

Teammates Lucas, Miles, and Jasmine--known as the Wild Crows--have been summoned by the wizard Gamemaster, Hob, to play another magical, adventurous game of Champion's Quest. When the three friends are ambushed and forced into their second game, Lucas and his friends are ill-prepared to face what feels like an impossible quest--confront an evil centaur and outsmart a villainous, shapeshifting Questmaster to rescue a powerful magical ally.

An unexpected team member, Sierra, joins the Wild Crows to complete their band of champions. Can she be trusted or is she a spy? But Lucas has bigger problems to worry about. For starters, he struggles to keep his panic attacks in check as he leads his friends on a journey across unexplored lands filled with shadow elves, wyverns, hobgoblins, giants, and evil trees.

Using their wits, their powerful weapons, and hoping for some luck when rolling the magical game dice, the Wild Crows know what's at stake: Complete their quest before time runs out, or the world of Champion's Quest will be destroyed.


The Questmaster’s Trap is the second novel in the Champion’s Quest series that revolves around a dungeon and dragon-type game. There must be four players for the Quest to begin, and at the start of this Quest, they are short due to Vanessa not wanting to play anymore. In this second novel, you learn much more about how the rules work when new scenarios, such as missing a fourth player.
The second book could probably be read independently, but I always feel that books in a series are valued more if you have read the first book. The author draws you into the story, especially if you are a fan of role-playing dice games. The twist and turns of how the Quest plays out are very well thought out. The Questmaster’s Trap is a beautiful middle-grade story appropriate for that age group, and I, as an adult, liked it, too.


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About Frank L. Cole

Frank L. Cole was born into a family of southern storytellers and wrote his first book at age eight. Sadly, he misplaced the manuscript and has since forgotten what he wrote. Highly superstitious and gullible to a fault, Frank will believe in any creepy story you tell him, especially ones involving ghosts and Big Foot. Currently, along with his wife and three children, he resides in the shadow of a majestic western mountain range, which is most likely haunted.