Sea of Kings by Melissa Hope

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by Melissa Hope
Sea of Kings by Melissa HopeSea of Kings Published by North Star Editions on April 27, 2021
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Genres: Action & Adventure
Pages: 344
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Thirteen-year-old Prince Noa has hated the ocean since the day it caused his mother's death. But staying away from the sea isn't easy on his tropical island home, where he's stuck trying to keep up with his dim-witted and overconfident younger brother Dagan--the brawn to Noa's brains.
When a vengeful pirate lays siege to their home, Noa and Dagan narrowly escape with their lives. Armed with a stolen ship, a haphazardly assembled crew, and a magical map that makes as much sense as slugs in a salt bath, the brothers set sail for the realm's other kingdoms in search of help.
But navigating the sea proves deadlier than Noa's worst fears. To free his home, Noa must solve the map's confusing charts and confront the legendary one-eyed pirate before an evil force spreads across the realm and destroys the very people Noa means to protect.


The perfect middle-grade book for someone who is up for a sea adventure filled with pirates, mythological creatures, and a fun, quirky crew with two princes and a magical map. One believes in magic, the other in facts. They are put to the test when pirates attack their island, and they are off on adventure following a map that they hope will lead to their rescue. They’re an extensive list of characters traveling along with the princes, so at times I got lost on where I was at in the story. The author stays true because the characters are kids, and they have no clue what they are doing, which makes the story more relatable—a fun middle grade adventure to pick up and enjoy.


About Melissa Hope

Ask Melissa how she became a writer and she’ll give you two reasons:
stubbornness and an idea.

The stubbornness began at age twelve when she trekked to the mailbox in a Canadian blizzard and opened the letter she’d been hoping for — her poem would be published in a book. She knew then writing was her future. And hopefully, hot chocolate to thaw out her toes.

The idea came years later when she met her Marine Biologist husband. Together, through car rides across the country and conversations over burned homemade pizza, they created the tropical world of her debut novel, SEA OF KINGS.

Though still a Canadian at heart, Melissa escaped the snow and now lives in Florida with her family, a bipolar cat, and a growing collection of scuba gear.

Even though writing is her passion, Melissa has developed an equal passion for the writing community which has shaped her career in the last year. Through her AuthorTube channel and her Instagram, which has reached over 10K followers, Melissa shares writing advice and updates on her own writing journey.

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