Wings of Fury (Wings of Fury #1) by Emily R. King

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by Emily R. King
Wings of Fury (Wings of Fury #1) by Emily R. KingWings of Fury Published by Amazon Publishing on 2021-03
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Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Action & Adventure, Coming of Age
Pages: 302
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Format: Paperback
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From Emily R. King, author of the Hundredth Queen series, comes an epic novel of ancient Greece, Titans and treachery, and the women who dare to rise up against the tyranny of the Golden Age.
My mother told me that men would speak about the Golden Age as a time of peace and happiness for all... However, the women of our age would tell a very different story...
Cronus, God of Gods, whose inheritance is the world. Among his possessions: women, imprisoned and fated to serve. The strong-minded Althea Lambros controls her own fate and lives to honor her dying mother's plea to protect her two sisters at all costs. Althea's journey toward crushing the tyranny has begun. It is a destiny foretold by the Fates. And she is following their visions.
On the southern isle of Crete, hidden among mortal women who have fled the Titans, is the Boy God, son of Cronus and believed dead. He shares Althea's destiny to vanquish the Almighty--fate willing. Because Cronus has caught wind of the plot. He's amassing his own forces against Althea's righteous rebellion and all those who will no longer surrender or run. There will be war. If she's to survive to write their history, the indomitable Althea must soar higher than any god.


Mythology stories are always interesting for me cause I then want to go read up on some of them to find out what the history books have to say. This one takes place in a time before Chronus was defeated. This tale provides a myriad of plot twists that I did not see coming. It does a great job of providing us with the drama you can expect from a Greek Mythology novel. The primary story line is that Decius marks Althea as his when she comes of age cause of her beauty. So there is the wearing of Velos (mask) to hide one’s beauty from the Gods. Althea has two sisters who she swears oaths to protect, and one sister was taken away when she was born. Althea visits some oracles who tell a future that is unbelievable and provides us with a very entering quest sort of story. This book kept me on edge, and I devoured it quite quickly and am eager to see what happens now that Aletha has learned who she truly is. 


About Emily R. King

Emily R. King is the author of the Hundredth Queen series, as well as Before the Broken Star, Into the Hourglass, and Everafter Song in the Evermore Chronicles. Born in Canada and raised in the United States, she is a shark advocate, a consumer of gummy bears, and an islander at heart, but her greatest interests are her children and their three cats.

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