The Queen’s Weapons (The Black Jewels #11) by Anne Bishop

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by Anne Bishop
The Queen’s Weapons (The Black Jewels #11) by Anne BishopThe Queen's Weapons Published by Penguin Publishing Group on 2021
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Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Epic, Dark Fantasy, Romantic
Pages: 544
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Enter the dark and sensual realms of the Black Jewels, a world where power always has a price, in this sweeping story in the New York Times bestselling fantasy saga.
They are Warlord Princes, men born to serve and protect. They are the Queen's Weapons, men born to destroy the Queen's enemies--no matter what face that enemy wears.
Daemonar Yaslana knows how to be bossy yet supportive--traits he shares with his father, the Demon Prince, and his uncle, the High Lord of Hell. Within his generation of the family, he assumes the role of protector, supporting his sister Titian's artistic efforts and curbing his cousin Jaenelle Saetien's more adventurous ideas. But when a young Eyrien Queen, someone Titian thought was a friend, inflicts an emotional wound, Daemonar's counterattack brings him under the tutelage of Witch, the Queen whose continued existence is known only to a select few.
As Daemonar is confronted by troubling changes within and around the family, he sees warnings that a taint in the Blood might be reappearing. Daemonar, along with his father and uncle, must uncover the source of a familiar evil--and Daemon Sadi, the High Lord of Hell, may be forced into making a terrible choice.


This series is a treasure to me. The black jewels series is one of the first dark adult romance fantasies that I picked up and devoured. Each book provides more layers to the characters we have known and the children that have been born into the series. This one provides us with more depth to the children of these characters. It is raw and emotional and is on point with what many children grow up with peer pressure and the very damaging consequences. Since this is a fantasy world, the results hit home with what can happen and does happen in the real world, and some, of course, are pure fiction with echoes of what we have all undoubtedly seen occur in the hallways of high schools and even colleges. The level of pressure young women and even young men have to fit in is intense. I don’t know if we will get more books. I did not know at the end a few years back if we were getting more stories; if we do, I sure they will be just as impressive as they all have been. If we don’t, the consequences served up for the characters in this one are oddly satisfying, but of course, we always want more.


About Anne Bishop

Anne Bishop is a winner of the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award, presented by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts.

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