Sunday Post 624: Moving Along

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How Was My Week?

More work has been completed on installing the new flooring. We completed the kitchen and the small dining room adjacent to that. I just finished an incredible book, and you should check it out. It’s called The Secret Book of Flora Lea, written by the author of Once Upon a Wardrobe. I have a question for you all. I have been going to my library book club for about four months, and each month when we meet, I like to ask what others read this past month. This group of ladies did not like the baking mystery book we read, were ok with the contemporary fiction we read, and were not impressed with Fly Girl because it was a young adult novel. I mainly read fantasy, which I thoroughly enjoy, but when I try to explain it to these ladies, I get looked at like I have three heads, and how could I possibly enjoy something so trivial? I got this response from many people who I encounter who say they are readers, so is fantasy really that looked down on? I do enjoy other types of stories, but I like fantasy. I like battles, dragons, saving the world from the evil sorcerer, or even a bit of sci-fi with time travel. Am I in the minority thinking there is some good to be found in these stories? I am 45 years old, and they act like I should have left these types of books in my childhood. I, for one, think my adult life would be dull reading-wise if I did not have these stories. To each their own, and not every book is for every reader, but it is wrong to share what you love and expect others to hear you out instead of shutting you down.


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  4. The Princess Who Flew With Dragons
  5. The Legacies
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  7. Shadow Cabinet
  8. Lightlark
  9. The door to door bookstore
  10. Inheritance
  11. The Stars between us
  12. The City of Stardust
  13. Merciless Ones
  14. A Fragile Enchantment
  15. The Will of Many
  16. Eternal Ones
  17. Heartless Hunter
  18. A dawn of Onyx
  19.  A promise of Peridot
  20. Cursed Crowns
  21. Burning Crowns
  22. CatchPenny ( In Progress)

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  1. The Beautiful 4/4 (completed)
  2. The Weaver 3/3 (completed)
  3. The Great Library (2/5) In progress
  4. Tales From The Chocolate Heart (3/3) (completed)
  5. Her Majesty Royal Coven (2/2) completed
  6. Gilded Ones (3/3) completed
  7. Lightlark (2/2) completed
  8. The unwanteds (6/7) in progress
  9. Realm Breaker (3/3) completed
  10. This Woven Kingdom (3/3) completed
  11. Lettes of Enchantment (2/2) completed
  12. Twin Crowns (3/3) completed
  13. Clover (1/2) in porgress
  14. Poppwar (1/3) in progress
  15. The Scared Stones (2/3) in progress
  16. Seven Faceless Saints (2/2) completed
  17. Sorcerer Royal (2/2) completed
  18. Defy The Night (2/3) in progress
  19. Rise of the vicious Princess (1/2) in progress

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  1. The Beautiful
  2. The Damned
  3. The Righteous
  4. The Ruined
  5. Dark Thorn
  6. Gilded Ones
  7. The unwanteds
  8. Merciless Ones
  9. Island of Silence
  10. Island of Fire
  11. Island of Legends
  12. The Island of Shipwrecks
  13. The Will of Many
  14. Eternal Ones
  15. Paper and Fire
  16. Poppy War
  17. A Dawn of Onyx
  18. Island of Graves
  19. Sorcerer to the crown
  20. The True Queen
  21. Island Of Dragons (in progress)
  22. The Secret Life of Flora Lea

3 responses to “Sunday Post 624: Moving Along

  1. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    I’m sorry to hear your reading group is so judgmental! I hate it when people look down on other’s reading preferences! I wouldn’t bother reading with them if they have that kind of attitude. Not every book is for every reader as you say. I like to read for entertainment. Stories that bring me joy, not to brag over my “elevated” reading choices.

    Glad to hear your home improvement projects are going well!

  2. I feel the same way, I do feel like fantasy is often looked down on! It’s sad really that more people think so little of fiction that helps us escape the real world for a little while. I happen to think that’s a good thing!

  3. I like some fantasy and I’m sure many of the books I read are not considered “serious”, but it’s what I like. I haven’t been part of an “in person” book club. I’ve only done them online and I don’t bother anymore. It’s too hard to read on a schedule for me these days. I hope you have a great week!