Seven Faceless Saints #2 Disciples of Chaos M.K. Lobb

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by M.k. Lobb
Seven Faceless Saints #2 Disciples of Chaos  M.K. LobbDisciples of Chaos Series: Seven Faceless Saints #2
on February 20, 2024
Genres: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Romance, Young Adult Fiction / Politics & Government, Young Adult Fiction / Social Themes / Religion & Faith
Pages: 384
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In this thrilling sequel to Seven Faceless Saints, Roz and Damian must face their destiny as the world crumbles around them—perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Kerri Maniscalco.

Damian Venturi isn't aware of it yet, but as small shifts start to crack the foundations of the Ombrazian power structure after the Rebellion's attack, cracks are beginning to show in Damian's own facade. Uncontrollable anger is bubbling to the surface and can't always be pushed down. Can he keep everyone safe, even from himself?

Rossana Lacertosa should feel victorious. She accomplished everything she set out to do, and more. The Rebellion's attack set countless prisoners free and brought attention to the unfairness in the Palazzo's structure. And Damian is back by her side where he belongs. Yet the war with Brechaat rages on and government officials are hellbent on keeping the status quo.

Then an Ombrazian general arrives from the front lines, and orders dozens of arrests, shipping Roz and Damian's friends up north. Determined to free those who matter most, Roz and Damian set their sights on Brechaat. But their journey is dogged by strange magic, and Damian shifts further from the boy he used to be.

The complications of love, magic, faith, and war will keep readers eagerly turning the pages as they head towards the gripping conclusion in the Seven Faceless Saints duology.


Disciples of Choas is the second book in the SevenFaceless Saints series, where some are favored and are disciples of one of seven gods and those that are unfavored and are the poor and oppressed. As far as everyone knows, there are no disciples of chaos as he is the one who should never be worshipped and whose disciples are killed and never seen again. But as we all know, in fantasy, when something is told, it is poorly and has been extinguished; it is never really extinguished. What is the palazzo trying to cover up about the disciple of chaos, and who is keeping this war going? There are a lot of truths and lies in this series that are uncovered as Roz, a Disciple of Patience, starts to want to fight for those who are unfavored. There is the trope of the excellent character downward spiraling as he learns he is actually not good, and I especially loved the Romeo and Juliet-type sacrifice we get at the end. It is an exciting series that shows that questioning what you have been told is true sometimes leads to complicated truths, but truths need to be known.

About M.k. Lobb

M. K. Lobb is a fantasy writer with a love of all things dark— be it literature, humour, or general aesthetic. She grew up in small-town Canada and now lives by the lake with her partner and their cats. When not reading or writing, she can be found at the gym or contemplating the harsh realities of existence.

Her debut novel, SEVEN FACELESS SAINTS, releases Feb 7, 2023 from Little, Brown. The sequel, DISCIPLES OF CHAOS, is to follow in 2024.