Hollowed by Jessica S. Taylor

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Hollowed by Jessica S. Taylor

by Jessica S. Taylor
Hollowed by Jessica S. TaylorHollowed Published by Sailor House Press on October 13, 2023
Genres: Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy, Fiction / Gothic
Pages: 440
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Nothing is ever as it seems in Sleepy Hollow…

Sleepy Hollow is crumbling. To protect the supernatural town from the mundane world, each year a resident is sacrificed to The Dullahan, the Headless Horseman that protects the veil around the Hollow.

Nineteen-year-old Katrina van Tassel knows she’s a disappointment to her parents, for more reasons than one. But as the only daughter of the most prominent family in Sleepy Hollow, she never imagined that she would be chosen as the next sacrifice.

Or that in her attempt to escape, she would instead come face to face with the Horseman himself.

But the harbinger of death isn’t who they said he was, and Katrina begins to question everything she has ever been told. Evil forces far more dangerous than the mysterious Horseman are at work in the Hollow, and the Horseman is determined to protect Sleepy Hollow.

Katrina is tempted to take the Horseman’s offer of assistance in fleeing Sleepy Hollow, rather than staying to fight by his side to save the town. Until he reveals she’s the only one with the power to stop the evil being summoned…

A standalone gothic fantasy, Hollowed will pull you into the reimagined world of Sleepy Hollow and thrust you into a mysterious town filled with deadly magic, cunning betrayals, and secrets you never saw coming. Cross the bridge into the Hollow and pick up your next dark fantasy read.


Hollowed was a great Sleepy Hollow reimagining that will put you in the fall mood as you dive into a favorite classic with its unique spin. I loved how Jessica included anxiety, disability, and mental health reps in the story. The twists and turns the tale takes don’t leave you asking where the original is but saying this is an excellent addition to the story of the headless huntsman and his threatening ride on Halloween night.
If you’re looking for a fun, quick, and richly character-driven Halloween story filled with magic and the importance of knowing your worth and your power, you want to grab a copy of this book.


About Jessica S. Taylor

Jessica was born and raised in Kentucky, but has been moving with the waves and is currently residing in southern Maine with her husband and cat, Nebula.

As a child, Jessica all but lived at her local library, devouring whatever books she could get her hands on. When that wasn’t enough, she began writing her own. After countless notebooks were filled with short stories and novels that would never see the light of day, Jessica took the plunge and began delving into the world of publishing.