The Unorthodox Chronicles #2 Long Past Dues by James J. Butcher

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by James J. Butcher
The Unorthodox Chronicles #2 Long Past Dues by James J. ButcherLong Past Dues Published by Penguin on October 10, 2023
Genres: Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure, Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary, FICTION / Fantasy / Urban
Pages: 416
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Grimsby, the newest Auditor in the magical Department of Unorthodox Affairs, finds himself in hot water when he intercepts a friend’s case in this fast-paced and thrilling urban fantasy.

Against all odds, Grimshaw Griswald Grimsby has become an Auditor, enforcing laws about magic for Boston’s Department of Unorthodox Affairs. But Grimsby soon realizes the daily grind of his job is far removed from the glamour he imagined. Overlooked for every exciting case, Grimsby tires of being told to handle mundane magical troubles, and appropriates a case file intended for a friend.

Alongside Leslie Mayflower, the temporarily unretired Huntsman, Grimsby aims to crack the case and discover the origin of a strange, unfinished ritual—one that seems to imitate the handiwork of a foe Mayflower put down twenty years ago.

Together, they’ll have to deal with escaped werewolves, a cursed artifact, and a perilous journey to the mysterious subterranean city below Boston, all to uncover the shocking truth. At any cost, Grimsby must stop this ritual from finally being completed. Yet the cost may be paid not by himself but by his friends. . . .


Long Past Due is the second book in a series by James J. Butcher, the son of the author of The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher. I admit my draw to the series was because he was the son of Jim, and I loved the Dresden files, so while waiting for the next one from his dad, I picked up this series. This second book is even better than the first book. Now that we have established our characters, we start with Grimsby dragging the huntsman back to work kicking and screaming. The book is pleasant, and it is great to see the characters grow with each book. I appreciate the fresh perspective on witches presented in this series. The world created is immersive, and I hope to see more of Wudge as Grimsby’s sidekick, though I am not sure Grimsby wants more of Wudge.

About James J. Butcher

James J. Butcher spends most of his time in places that don’t exist, some of which he even created himself—including the world of the Unorthodox Chronicles. What little time he has left is usually spent writing or exercising. He is the son of #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher, who introduced him to books, movies, and games. James lives in Denver and is working on his next novel.