Adult Audiobook Review: Jane Austen’s Dragons #4 A Proper Introduction to Dragons by Maria Gr

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by Maria Grace
Adult Audiobook Review: Jane Austen’s Dragons #4 A Proper Introduction to Dragons by Maria GrA Proper Introduction to Dragons Series: Jane Austen Dragon #4
Published by White Soup Press on July 18, 2018
Genres: Fiction / Classics
Pages: 252
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Most people were blissfully unaware that England was overrun by dragons. Only those born with preternatural hearing could hear and converse with dragonkind, and even those rarely came into their hearing before they were fifteen. It was not Elizabeth's fault that she discovered the truth about dragons when she was only four years-old. It was also not Elizabeth's fault that the old tatzelwurm, Rumblkins, who lived in the woods near Longbourn House befriended her. Really, he would have attached himself to anyone who fed him dried cod and scratched behind his ears.So clearly, it could not be her fault when Rumblkins led her to a nest of endangered fairy dragon eggs that the Pendragon Treaty compelled her to save. Unfortunately her father does not agree.Thomas Bennet, dragon-lore expert, faithful member of the dragon-hearing society, the Blue Order, and Keeper of the local wyvern, Longbourn, has a dragon-sized problem on his hands. At eleven years-old, his second-oldest daughter is hopelessly fascinated with all things dragon-related. But his wife and other daughters lack the ability to hear dragons, so the world of the Blue Order must remain hidden from them. Now faced with an abandoned clutch of fairy dragon eggs to care for, the careful balance he walks between the needs of his jealous estate dragon, Elizabeth's incorrigible draw toward dragons and continued secrecy from the rest of the family hangs in jeopardy. If only Elizabeth would be a more conventional child But how can a girl who shuns traditional ladylike pursuits to play with dragons ever be conventional? Does dragon-hearing society have a place for such an oddity as her?Prequel to Pemberley: Mr. Darcy's DragonJane Austen meets Anne McCaffrey--a must for lovers of Dragon Riders of Pern



Jane Austen’s book four can be read after the first three books or as a prequel to the series as the title suggests a proper intro to dragons, Elizabeth’s ability to hear dragons speak from a young age. Something her father has encouraged but also ignored as he does not see value in young ladies being on the blue border. In this book, though, Elizabeth bonds with a fairy dragon and gets a glimpse of their future home with some very snotty, rich girls who want them as pets but in no way will respect them. As a result of this visit, she has been forced to be tested to become part of the blue order. As she studies, she starts questioning what is believed and what she knows is true.
Elizabeth is a strong-willed character striving to change what has always happened in the blue order, expanding her knowledge with each book and discovering that all is not quite what it seems.
Maria Grace has taken this classic world of Jane Austen and connected it to a world set with dragons. Our author has done her due diligence regarding dragon lore research and Jane Austen’s character to create a vivid vast world for us to enjoy and read.



About Maria Grace

Six time BRAG Medallion Honoree, #1 Best-selling Historical Fantasy author Maria Grace has her PhD in Educational Psychology and is a 16-year veteran of the university classroom where she taught courses in human growth and development, learning, test development and counseling. None of which have anything to do with her undergraduate studies in economics/sociology/managerial studies/behavior sciences.

She pretends to be a mild-mannered writer/cat-lady, but most of her vacations require helmets and waivers or historical costumes, usually not at the same time.

She writes gas lamp fantasy, historical romance and non-fiction to help justify her research addiction.