Audiobook Review Spellsinger (Spellsinger #1) by Alan Dean Foster

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by Alan Dean Foster
Audiobook Review Spellsinger (Spellsinger #1) by Alan Dean FosterSpellsinger Length: 8 hours
Published by Graphicaudio on April 29, 2014
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Genres: Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary, Fiction / Fantasy / Epic, Fiction / Fantasy / General, Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal
Pages: 422
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Snatched through a portal into a land of magic, a young musician must use a mysterious, multistring duar to rescue the world into which he has fallen before he can return to his own Jonathan Thomas Meriweather is a typical college student, interested in girls, music, and an occasional taste of reefer. But when a journey through an interdimensional portal lands him in a world of talking animals and ominous sorcery, he finds he is on a very different trip indeed. Here, when he plays a strange instrument called a duar, peculiar things happen-powerful magic that may be the only way to stop a dark force that threatens his new world-and his old one. Reluctantly, he finds himself teaming up with a semi-senile turtle wizard; a thieving, backstabbing otter; and a bewildered Marxist dragon to rally an army for the war about to come. Spellsinger, the first in Alan Dean Foster's eight-book Spellsinger series, introduces a world of magic and mayhem, where animals are people and plunging ahead no matter what the consequences may be the only way to survive. "One of the most consistently inventive and fertile writers of science fiction and fantasy." -The Times "Alan Dean Foster is a master of creating alien worlds." -SFRevu "Foster knows how to spin a yarn." -Starlog "Foster does a fine job with his misfit heroes and even with his minor characters." -Publishers Weekly The New York Times-bestselling author of more than 110 books, Alan Dean Foster is one of the most prominent writers of modern science fiction and fantasy. Born in New York City in 1946, he studied filmmaking at UCLA, but first found success in 1968 when a horror magazine published one of his short stories. In 1972 he wrote his first novel, The Tar-Aiym Krang, the first in his Pip and Flinx series featuring the Humanx Commonwealth, a universe he has explored in more than twenty-five novels. Foster also created the Spellsinger series and has written dozens of bestselling film novelizations, as well as the story for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. An avid world traveler, he chronicles some of his own adventures in the wild in his memoir Predators I Have Known (2011). Foster lives with his family in Prescott, Arizona.


A spur of the moment, let us see how this goes reading for me. I subscribe to the Sync Audiobook program that happens every summer to give teens two new reads a week to listen to. Spellsinger is an older book that I never heard of, but I was more intrigued by the tagline of a movie in your mind. This audiobook was produced by graphic audio. A whole cast of characters brings this story to life; their sound effects of going along with the different character voices remind me of an old-fashioned radio show program. The main idea surrounding this story is that we have a college student who is pulled into a world like Narnia is expected to be a wizard. He has no idea how to be a wizard, but it turns out he has some magic-infused singing, and next thing you know, you are along for a wild adventure. I’m not sure I would have enjoyed this book as much just reading it, but it is served up as a graphic audio title sold it for me. If you the mood for an old-fashioned fantasy novel, pick this one. I do recommend it for an older crowd as their some rough langue used throughout the story.


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About Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster’s work to date includes excursions into hard science-fiction, fantasy, horror, detective, western, historical, and contemporary fiction. He has also written numerous non-fiction articles on film, science, and scuba diving, as well as having produced the novel versions of many films, including such well-known productions as “Star Wars”, the first three “Alien” films, “Alien Nation”, and “The Chronicles of Riddick”. Other works include scripts for talking records, radio, computer games, and the story for the first “Star Trek” movie. His novel “Shadowkeep” was the first ever book adapation of an original computer game. In addition to publication in English his work has been translated into more than fifty languages and has won awards in Spain and Russia. His novel “Cyber Way” won the Southwest Book Award for Fiction in 1990, the first work of science-fiction ever to do so.

Foster’s sometimes humorous, occasionally poignant, but always entertaining short fiction has appeared in all the major SF magazines as well as in original anthologies and several “Best of the Year” compendiums. His published oeuvre includes more than 100 books.

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