Sunday Post 629: Off to The Dump

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How Was My Week?

Now that the front yard project is complete, we are focusing on the backyard mess so we can hire the same people to come and clean it up. We can either install a pool or new grass and clean out the rest of the juniper bushes. That decision will be made based on what the landscaping company charges to install a pool, and if it is too much for now, we have to budget and save up for it down the road. We have a lot of stuff that needs to be cleaned out of our backyard; we have old vehicles and lots of metal from various projects. It just needs a major cleanout. So, we go for the title of my off to the dump. I live in a tiny town, and we used to have a Landfill closer to our home that took 15 minutes to reach. But in recent years they have closed that and opened a much larger one farther away now it is almost an hour to get there one way. So, with the cost of gas, we need to make the run worth it. For a few days, we focused on gathering what needed to go to the dump, and then for two days, it was a comedy of what can go wrong with a trailer going to the dump. First, the lights did not want to work, and it took some time to get that sorted. We had two flats. The next day, we succeeded, and the dump run was completed. Now, if the weather straightens up, we can continue painting the house or install more floors inside when the weather is nasty.


Last Week On The Blog:


What Am I Currently Reading?

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Print-Crave series read at bedtime 

Print- Mad Honey Library Book Club read 

Print- Evocation Fairyloot May Adult Read Along

Audiobook-Blood and Fury Netgalley read

Ebook-The Seaside Series Netgalley read 

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ICYMI Challenge- Read a best book from each year 2012-2023 hosting by Book Girls Guide

  1. Rent Collector -2012
  2. The Storyteller-2013
  3. The Storied Life of A.J. Fickry-2014
  4. Sorcerer to the Crown -2015
  5. Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics-2016

Beat The Backlist- Read owned physical book from bookshelves includes older arcs (personal challenge)

  1. In The Shadow of Lightning -older arc
  2. Rise of the Snake Goddess – older arc
  3. Her Majestry Royal Coven- Fairyloot book box
  4. The Unwanteds (older middle grade series)
  5. Island of Silence
  6. The Night Circus
  7. Twin Crowns
  8. Clover
  9. Sorcerer to the crown
  10. Seven Faceless Saints
  11. Defend the Dawn
  12. Destroy The Day
  13. Crave (in progress)

Netgalley Clear Out

  1. Rent Collector
  2. Must Love Flowers
  3. The Weaver
  4. The Princess Who Flew With Dragons
  5. The Legacies
  6. Her Majesty Royal Coven
  7. Shadow Cabinet
  8. Lightlark
  9. The door to door bookstore
  10. Inheritance
  11. The Stars between us
  12. The City of Stardust
  13. Merciless Ones
  14. A Fragile Enchantment
  15. The Will of Many
  16. Eternal Ones
  17. Heartless Hunter
  18. A dawn of Onyx
  19.  A promise of Peridot
  20. Cursed Crowns
  21. Burning Crowns
  22. CatchPenny
  23. Iron Widow
  24. Mind Games
  25.  Blood and Fury (in progress)
  26. Seaside Sisters ( in progress)

Series Completion- Finish started series which ones i am currently working on – total 17

  1. The Beautiful 4/4 (completed)
  2. The Weaver 3/3 (completed)
  3. The Great Library (4/5) In progress
  4. Tales From The Chocolate Heart (3/3) (completed)
  5. Her Majesty Royal Coven (2/2) completed
  6. Gilded Ones (3/3) completed
  7. Lightlark (2/2) completed
  8. The unwanteds (7/7) completed
  9. Realm Breaker (3/3) completed
  10. This Woven Kingdom (3/3) completed
  11. Lettes of Enchantment (2/2) completed
  12. Twin Crowns (3/3) completed
  13. Clover (1/2) in porgress
  14. Poppwar (1/3) in progress
  15. The Scared Stones (2/2) completed
  16. Seven Faceless Saints (2/2) completed
  17. Sorcerer Royal (2/2) completed
  18. Defy The Night (3/3) completed
  19. Rise of the vicious Princess (2/2) completed
  20. Waxways (2/2) completed
  21. Chaos & Flame (1/2) in progress
  22. Crave (1/6) in progress
  23. Mr. Lemocellos library (2/5) in progress

Audiobook Challenge hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  1. The Beautiful
  2. The Damned
  3. The Righteous
  4. The Ruined
  5. Dark Thorn
  6. Gilded Ones
  7. The unwanteds
  8. Merciless Ones
  9. Island of Silence
  10. Island of Fire
  11. Island of Legends
  12. The Island of Shipwrecks
  13. The Will of Many
  14. Eternal Ones
  15. Paper and Fire
  16. Poppy War
  17. A Dawn of Onyx
  18. Island of Graves
  19. Sorcerer to the crown
  20. The True Queen
  21. Island Of Dragons
  22. The Secret Life of Flora Lea
  23. A door in the dark
  24. A whisper in the walls
  25. Ash and Quill
  26. Chaos & Flame
  27. Blood & fury (in progress)
  28. Mr. Lemocello’s library olympics

7 responses to “Sunday Post 629: Off to The Dump

  1. I have loved Tessa Gratton books. I need to start this series. I have a guy that comes out every summer once or twice to clean up the branches and stuff that fall from the dead tree in my backyard. And at some point I want to pay him to completely take out some big bushes in my front yard. Just saving money for now. Have a good week!

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