Sunday Post 617: All The Books

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How was my week?

This week was pretty easygoing, except for Wednesday when we met with the state for our caregiving jobs. Those are always nerve-wracking. Someone in your home judges you and tells you how many hours you will be awarded and if you can keep your job. I finished two very emotional books this week. One was for my Library Book Club, The Five Wishes of Mr. Murrary Mcbride; the other was for the In Case You Missed It Challenge and The Storied Life of A.J. Fick. Both were very good, but I avoided a tear-jerker for a bit. I hope you had a great week. Happy reading.


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What on my Currently Reading Shelf?

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New Arrivals/Approvals:

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Wrap-up for the week:

Reading Challenge Updates:

ICYMI Challenge- Read a best book from each year 2012-2023 hosting by Book Girls Guide

  1. Rent Collector -2012
  2. The Storyteller-2013
  3. The Storied Life of A.J. Fickry-2014

Beat The Backlist- Read owned physical book from bookshelves includes older arcs (personal challenge)

  1. In The Shadow of Lightning -older arc
  2. Rise of the Snake Goddess – older arc
  3. Her Majestry Royal Coven- Fairyloot book box
  4. The Unwanteds (older middle grade series)
  5. Island of Silence

Netgalley Backlist- reader older titles to get backlog cleared out

  1. Rent Collector
  2. Must Love Flowers
  3. The Weaver
  4. The Princess Who Flew With Dragons
  5. The Legacies
  6. Her Majesty Royal Coven
  7. Shadow Cabinet
  8. Lightlark
  9. The door to door bookstore
  10. Inheritance
  11. The Stars between us
  12. The City of Stardust
  13. Merciless Ones
  14. A Fragile Enchantment
  15. The Will of Many (in progress)

Series Completion- Finish started series which ones i am currently working on – total 6

  1. The Beautiful 4/4 (completed)
  2. The Weaver 3/3 (completed)
  3. The Great Library (1/5) In progress
  4. Tales From The Chocolate Heart (3/3) (completed)
  5. Her Majesty Royal Coven (2/3) (tba book 3)
  6. Gilded Ones (2/3) in progress (waiting on library hold)
  7. Lightlark (1/2) in progress (waiting on library hold)
  8. The unwanteds (5/7) in progress (waiting on library hold)
  9. Realm Breaker (3/3) completed
  10. This Woven Kingdom (3/3) in progress

Audiobook Challenge hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  1. The Beautiful
  2. The Damned
  3. The Righteous
  4. The Ruined
  5. Dark Thorn
  6. Gilded Ones
  7. The unwanteds
  8. Merciless Ones
  9. Island of Silence
  10. Island of Fire
  11. Island of Legends
  12. The Island of Shipwrecks
  13. The Will of Many (in progress)

3 responses to “Sunday Post 617: All The Books

  1. The evaluation certainly sounds nerve wracking. Do their share their results while there or do you have to wait for their findings? I definitely need to take a break after very emotional books. I gravitate to light and easy after one of those.

    • jrsbookr

      No we have to wait it basically they do a calculation to tell us how many hours we get paid per month. Though we provide 24/7 care since we live in the home with the client. We get no breaks, there no subs and no vacation. It nerve wracking cause they could find something to be nit picky about like last year it was the state of the ramp of that we had to build to get the client to be able to get into the house. state would not pay for it so we built it. It not covered so every year in the spring we go out and shore it up and replace the boards well last year they visited before the weather cleared enough for us to do that. so this year they were looking extra hard at the ramp. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. You Ave definitely impressed me again, Jan. I really am determined to use Bookly. However, this morning I read a couple of hours of Bleak House but forgot to log it.