Runestone Saga #1 Children of Ragnarok by Cinda Williams Chima

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Runestone Saga #1 Children of Ragnarok by Cinda Williams Chima

by Cinda Williams Chima
Runestone Saga #1 Children of Ragnarok by Cinda Williams ChimaRunestone Saga: Children of Ragnarok Published by HarperCollins Publishers on February 21, 2023
Genres: JUVENILE FICTION / General, Young Adult Fiction / Action & Adventure / General, Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Epic, Young Adult Fiction / Social Themes / Friendship
Pages: 560
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Sweeping adventure, breathtaking twists of fate, and immersive worlds based in Norse mythology are woven into this first volume of the Runestone Saga, from the New York Times bestselling author of the Seven Realms and Shattered Realms series.

Since Ragnarok--the great war between the gods and the forces of chaos--the human realm of the Midlands has become a desperate and dangerous place, bereft of magic.

Sixteen-year-old Eiric Halvorsen is among the luckier ones--his family has remained prosperous. But he stands to lose everything when he's wrongly convicted by a rigged jury of murdering his modir and stepfadir. Also at risk is Eiric's half-systir, Liv, who's under suspicion for her interest in seidr, or magic. Then a powerful jarl steps in: He will pay the blood price if Eiric will lead a mission to the fabled Temple at the Grove--the rich stronghold of the wyrdspinners, the last practitioners of sorcery.

Spellsinger, musician, and runecaster Reginn Eiklund has spent her life performing at alehouses for the benefit of her master, Asger, a fire demon she is desperate to escape. After one performance that amazes even herself, two wyrdspinners in the audience make Reginn an irresistible offer: return with them to the Temple to be trained in seidr, forever free of Asger.

Eiric's, Liv's, and Reginn's journeys converge in New Jotunheim, a paradise fueled by magic and the site of the Temple. They soon realize that a great evil lurks beneath the dazzling surface and that old betrayals and long-held grudges may fuel another cataclysmic war. It will require every gift and weapon at their command to prevent it.


Children of Ragnarok is a YA Viking story full of action, Norse mythology, and hidden corruption. Not a fluffy tale; it is full of heartache, pain, and a brewing war. The book has a solid premise, and as with first books in new worlds, you need to settle in and get the lay of the land. It would help if you had the facts before getting to the story’s meat. We have a young man sentenced for murdering his stepfather, and his slave is on the run trying to find answers. We don’t get very much into the magic system in this first book, but we do skim the surface a bit. Cinda writes stories that remind me of the fantasy novels of yesterday with substance, plot, and character that remain true to the story she wants to tell. I recommend this young adult novel to the older teen crowd as it is a bloody Viking story.

About Cinda Williams Chima

New York Times bestselling author Cinda Williams Chima began writing romance novels in middle school, which were often confiscated by her teachers. Her Heir Chronicles young adult contemporary fantasy series includes The Warrior Heir (2006), The Wizard Heir (2007), The Dragon Heir (2008), The Enchanter Heir (2013) and The Sorcerer Heir (2014) all from Hyperion.

Chima’s YA high fantasy Seven Realms series launched with The Demon King (2009), followed by The Exiled Queen (September, 2010) The Gray Wolf Throne (2011) and The Crimson Crown (2012.)

A spinoff series, The Shattered Realms, (HarperTeen) is set in the Seven Realms world, and features a new generation of characters. It includes Flamecaster, Shadowcaster, Stormcaster, and Deathcaster.

Her latest series, Runestone Saga, debuts in November 2022 with Children of Ragnarok. This duology marries Norse mythology and witchcraft with her usual mingle of magic, swordplay, romance and cut-throat politics.

Chima’s books have received starred reviews in Kirkus and VOYA, among others. They have been named Booksense and Indie Next picks, an International Reading Association Young Adult Choice, to the Kirkus Best YA list, and the VOYA Editors’ Choice, Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, and Perfect Tens lists.

Chima lives in North Carolina with her family, and is always working on her next novel.