Blog Tour: Bethany Gano’s picture book Lulu the Beaver!

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Blog Tour: Bethany Gano’s picture book Lulu the Beaver!

by Bethany Gano
Blog Tour: Bethany Gano’s picture book Lulu the Beaver!Lulu The Beaver Find the Author: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram

In a colony full of busy beavers, one bashful beaver is hiding a gigantic secret. Lulu tries to be a typical beaver, but her dream of being an artist is getting out! Despite her friends’ encouragement, Lulu’s struggle with fear and self-doubt has led her into a pattern of destroying her artwork — until an unexpected encounter changes Lulu, and the forest, for good. With funny asides, sound effects, and elements of comic-book style, this eye-opening tale urges kids to confront gloomy thinking and gives them the courage to bravely share their gifts.

Perfect for unlocking creativity in ages 4 and up! Printed and bound in the U.S.A.


Lulu the Beaver is a story that tells the tale of a young beaver who tries her hardest to fit in with all the other beavers. But in her heart, she wants to be an artist. The story is an excellent way for young children to learn to break out of the mold and that you don’t have to be the same as everyone else. Uniqueness is a trait that should be celebrated and not hidden.

The illustrations are bright and colorful and will help share this lesson very well with young children. In addition, the author has a great way of adding sound effects that are always great in a read-aloud situation, funny jokes, and the acknowledgment that we all have dreams and should embrace them.

Lulu the Beaver is an excellent storybook for young children to add to their collections.



Enter for a chance to win one of three signed copies of Lulu the Beaver or one of two very awesome Lulu the Beaver prize packs: The Illustration Pack or The Blast-Off Pack.

One (1) grand prize winner receives:


A signed, hardcover copy of Lulu the Beaver

A blank sketchbook

A set of four Blackwing Volumes pencils

A pack of metal pencil caps

One custom-painted illustration by Bethany of a name of your choosing (in Lulu’s forest lettering style shown, but the palette can be customized).

One (1) grand prize winner receives:


A signed, hardcover copy of Lulu the Beaver

A copy of Lulu’s Activity Book

One “Dream On” patch

One “Lulu Blast” sticker

One “Lulu Blast” bookmark

Three (3) winners receive:

A signed, hardcover copy of Lulu the Beaver

Lulu the Beaver Book Giveaway

About Bethany Gano

Bethany Gano’s first large-scale work of art landed all over her parent’s kitchen floor — despite her witty, four-year-old attempt to give credit for the fine piece to her imaginary friends! She never stopped creating, though, and eventually learned the best places to display her artwork. Bethany has worked in the commercial arts for over twenty years and loves storytelling through art and design. She is extra fond of picture books — a place where art and words can’t survive without each other. Lulu the Beaver is her debut picture book.

Off the clock, you can find Bethany covered in paint, playing board games, swimming, daydreaming at the beach, and attempting to walk her dogs. She, her husband, three kids (and other furry and scaly family members) call Central Florida home.