Indie Young Adult Book Review: A King’s Radiance (Bonds of Kin Book 1) Kindle Edition by L.R. Schulz

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by L.R. Schulz
Indie Young Adult Book Review: A King’s Radiance (Bonds of Kin Book 1) Kindle Edition by L.R. SchulzA King's Radiance Published by Luke Schulz on May 22, 2022
Pages: 556
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Three siblings...

A rebel

A prince

A prisoner

The sun's light shines bright over the land of Zapour, and only a select few can harness its power. But all power comes with a cost, and the world is not kind to those who refuse to pay it.

Raiz Glaive, a strong shine wielder, was born into royalty, though even royals have to answer to someone. When the King-Radiant sends one of his precious underlings to the Kingdom of Trost, Raiz quickly learns who holds the true power in the realm. After his sister is taken prisoner simply for having the violet eyes of a mystic, Raiz swears vengeance. But when an unwilling father stands in his way, Raiz promises to take revenge into his own hands.

Dazen Glaive remains heir to the throne of Trost, and a sworn defender of the King-Radiant, but he has not forgotten what happened to his sister, and will not forgive their cruelty.

Forced to be the centrepiece of her "master's" twisted human art gallery, Isha remains a prisoner. Though she has not lost hope. Finding friends among fellow captives, she begins to formulate a plan for escape. Though what she discovers has a much more sinister bearing on the fate of all of Zapour.



An intriguing debut fantasy with a fun, unique magic system, plenty of action/drama, and an exciting world begging to be further explored. A King’s Radiance’s main draw is the fantastic (and so much fun) magic system based around harnessing the sun’s power as projections of light energy. The alternating points of view from the three siblings helped move the story along at a pretty good clip. We have one sibling who was stolen as a child due to her violet eyes, one who becomes a rebel due to the inaction of his parents and his fellow royal sibling.
I connected a lot with the rebel sibling as I was not sure I could stand aside and watch children being stolen, nor would I want to continue the farce of these god-like eagles who do whatever they want. The magic system is unique in that while you use the sun’s power, each person who wields it does something different; also, there is no rhyme or reason why someone is more robust with the magic than others.
The King’s radiance is a solid debut novel both in scope and ambition. The pacing goes relatively quickly, and the writing style is easy to absorb. The characters are what shines in this novel, and I can’t wait to read more in this world. Job well done, Luke! I can not wait to read more of this unique fantasy tale.



About L.R. Schulz

Luke is a fantasy addict born in Melbourne, Australia. He discovered a passion for fantasy at a young age which developed into a love for the imaginary and a desire to write.

Despite an early passion for storytelling, Luke obtained a teaching degree before beginning a career as a primary school teacher.

When he is not reading and writing, Luke enjoys spending time with his Golden Retriever named Gem, gaming, and surfing.

A King’s Radiance is Luke’s debut novel, though he is always coming up with ideas for his next project, as well as working towards a sequel