Adult Book Review: The Wish-Eater by Claire Luana

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by Claire Luana
Adult Book Review: The Wish-Eater by Claire LuanaThe Wish-Eater Published by Live Edge Publishing on April 26, 2022
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Genres: Fiction / Fantasy / Romance, Fiction / Romance / Fantasy
Pages: 324
Format: Ebook Arc
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A desperate wish. A creature shrouded in myth. A perilous journey to the heart of what it means to truly live...

There is no greater pain than a wish unfulfilled- a truth Elodie Mercer and Sebastian Beringer know all too well. After four long years of trying for a child, Elodie's hopes of motherhood have all but consumed her. She's convinced a baby will save her loveless marriage and help banish her husband's demons. Sebastian's suffered his own secret pain-watching Elodie married to the wrong man for all these years.

So when a stranger comes to their quiet village with a fantastical tale of a mythical, wish-granting creature, Elodie latches onto the story as her salvation. Driven by the desperate desire to see their wishes fulfilled, Elodie and Sebastian embark on a dangerous quest to find the Wish-Eater, only to discover that there are things worse than a wish unfulfilled, after all.

From the author of the Confectioner Chronicles comes a stand-alone fairy tale romance that explores the complexities of love and family, the true flavor of folklore, and the cost of the slow erosion of hope.


The Wish-Eater is a change of pace from the fantasy novels I read from Claire Luana. This one, I say, falls more solidly into a romance story with hints of fantasy. I did not fall as hard for this story as it seems to drag in some places and the drive behind the characters fell a bit flat for me. Our main character Elodie is plagued by the desperation to have a loving family and is holding firm to the dream of having a child and a loving husband. When she hears the story of the wish-eater, she is sure all her problems will be solved with a simple wish. What unfolds next is a desperate quest for the book that contains the story and then locating the mysterious creature. The ending includes the most powerful message that love isn’t just about wishes and dreams, but how much more substantial and deeper it is, and you need to look beyond the surface of things.

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