Master of the Phantom Isle (Dragonwatch #3) by Brandon Mull

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by Brandon Mull
Master of the Phantom Isle (Dragonwatch #3) by Brandon MullMaster of the Phantom Isle Series: Dragonwatch #3
Published by Shadow Mountain Source: Netgalley Arc
Genres: Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / General, Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic
Pages: 496
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Format: Ebook Arc
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Cursed by the Key of Forgetting, Seth has lost all memory of his past--his relationships, his experiences, and who he really is. For now he will align with his new mentor, Ronodin, the dark unicorn, who takes him to the Phantom Isle, the secret gateway to the Under Realm. Though Seth is not formally a prisoner, Ronodin wants to use him and his shadow charmer powers for his own dark ends.

Kendra is frantic to find her missing brother, but the quest will take her and her companions, including Warren, Tanu, and Vanessa, far from Wyrmroost to Crescent Lagoon--a recently fallen dragon sanctuary made up of many islands and underwater domains. Its caretaker has regained a foothold on one of the islands. If Kendra and her friends can save that sanctuary, they might uncover the answers they need to rescue Seth.

With each sanctuary the dragons overthrow, Celebrant, the Dragon King, comes closer to the dawn of a new Age of Dragons. With the forces of darkness on the march, can Kendra and her allies gather enough power to win the epic dragon war?



What an exciting way to write this book; one character completely loses his memories and has the abilities of a shadow charmer. Seth’s biggest frustration throughout this book is that people keep telling him who he is, and he wants to be by himself to decide this. He is not sure who to trust, and he is being manipulated left and right. Meanwhile, his sister continues on the battle to save the sanctuaries from destruction by the dragons. What I loved most about this book is that both characters got to shine and figure out more about their abilities. Especially Kendra as being fairy kind and the ending was nerve gripping as she battled it out with the under the king. I am excited to check out the next installment.


About Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull no longer lives on the side of a mountain above a prison. He now resides in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife and three children. Since the arrival of his new daughter, he is more the golem of the household than ever, following whatever orders trickle down the chain of command. Brandon is the author of the New York Times bestselling Fablehaven books and The Candy Shop War.

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