Expose: Beyond the Thaw (The Thaw Chronicles #8) by Tamar Sloan and Heidi Catherine

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by Heidi Catherine, Tamar Sloan
Expose: Beyond the Thaw (The Thaw Chronicles #8) by Tamar Sloan and Heidi CatherineExpose, Book 8, The Thaw Chronicles Published by Sequel House on February 22, 2021
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Pages: 294
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Only the chosen shall seek.

They were meant to bring Askala to the world. Now the war is coming to Alaska.

Sam, Hawk, Luca and Mercy must return home to protect the society they were bred to champion. But how do they defend peace loving Askala from the greatest threat yet?

As secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested, everyone will be forced to question who is friend and who is foe. The Commander is far more dangerous than anyone realized. The Outlanders are divided about whose side they're really on. And Askala is unprepared for an attack.

In the ocean separating the two world, the final battle will decided the future of not only Askala, but who will control the Newlands. Sam, Hawk, Luca and Mercy will have to accomplish the impossible - unity.


The significant part about this series is as each book builds on the others, you feel like your part of this society. You live in askala or adventuring along with the seekers trying to establish peace with outlanders, your in for a real reading adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat as characters change sides and learn new things about themselves. This land is always on the edge of battle as their always someone who thinks they know what best better than those who have been tending the land in Askala. So those who are brave enough to stand for the betterment of the world have to be stronger than the power-hungry. I am excited to see where this goes in the next generation of Asklanias and Outlanders venture out for now in the unity of peace.



About Heidi Catherine

Heidi Catherine is an award-winning fantasy author and hopeless romantic. Her debut novel, The Soulweaver, won Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award and includes two more books in the series. This was followed up by Heidi’s epic fantasy series, The Kingdoms of Evernow. Her new young adult dystopian series, The Thaw Chronicles, has been co-written with USA Today best-selling author, Tamar Sloan.

After being named as a highly commended author in The Hope Prize, Heidi’s story, The Extra Piece, was published by Simon & Schuster in a collection of stories about disadvantage in our community. She was also a finalist in Romance Writers of Australia’s Little Gems competition four times.

When not living in her fantasy worlds, Heidi enjoys teaching marketing and public relations for an online university. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, two sons and two dogs, and believes the truth should never get in the way of a good story.

About Tamar Sloan

Tamar really struggled writing this bio, in part because it’s in third person, but mostly because she hasn’t decided whether she’s primarily a psychologist who loves writing, or a writer with a lifelong fascination with psychology.

She must have been someone pretty awesome in a previous life (past life regression indicated a Care Bear), because she gets to do both. Beginning her career as a youth worker, then a secondary school teacher, before becoming a school psychologist, Tamar helps children and teens to live and thrive despite life’s hurdles like loss, relationship difficulties, mental health issues, and trauma.

As lover of reading, inspired by books that sparked beautiful movies in her head, Tamar loves to write young adult romance. To be honest, it was probably inevitable that her knowledge and love of literature would translate into writing emotion driven stories of finding life and love beyond our comfort zones. You can find out more about Tamar’s books at www.tamarsloan.com

A lifetime consumer of knowledge, Tamar holds degrees in Applied Science, Education and Psychology. When not reading, writing or working with teens, Tamar can be found with her husband and two children enjoying country life on their small slice of the Australian bush.
The driving force for all of Tamar’s writing is sharing and connecting. In truth, connecting with others is why she writes. She loves to hear from readers and fellow writers. Find her on all the usual social media channels or her website.

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