Something Close To Magic by Emma Mills

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Something Close to MagicSomething Close to Magic by Emma Mills
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What I liked:
Something Close to Magic is Emma Mill’s debut fantasy novel. She has written previous young adult novels in the contemporary vein of a plot line. Emma Mills is dabbling in fantasy with a baker who has a talent for seeking, a bounty hunter, and a prince by the name of hapless who takes off on a quest into the dangerous forest known as the Underwood. The story works so well that you have banter, cutesy romance, cozy vibes, light magic, court intrigue, and sweetly charming characters.
Final Verdict:
Something close to magic takes four unlikely heroes and gives them the task of figuring out who attacked the prince in the Underwood. Along the way, each character grows into a more robust version of themselves, and it was refreshing to see that though there is a romance brewing, it is not overpowering in the story. I want to read more fantasy from Emma Mills.

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