Adult Fantasy Book Review: In a Garden Burning Gold (Argyrosi #1) by Rory Power

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by Rory Power
Adult Fantasy Book Review: In a Garden Burning Gold (Argyrosi #1) by Rory PowerIn a Garden Burning Gold Series: Argyrosi #2
Published by Random House Worlds on April 5, 2022
Genres: Fiction / Action & Adventure, Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
Pages: 432
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“Fresh and original . . . full of lush writing and detailed worldbuilding . . . [with a] rich fantasy landscape and an almost Shakespearean feel.”—Paste

Twins imbued with incredible magic and near-immortality will do anything to keep their family in power—even if it tears the family apart—in the first book of a mythic epic fantasy duology from the New York Times bestselling author of Wilder Girls.


Rhea and Lexos were born into a family unlike any other. Together with their siblings, they control the seasons, the tides, and the stars, and help their father rule their kingdom. Thanks to their magic, the family has ruled for an eternity, and plan to rule for an eternity more. 
But Rhea and Lexos are special: They are twins, bonded down to the bone, and for the past hundred years, that bond has protected them as their father becomes an unpredictable tyrant—and his worsening temper threatens the family’s grip on power.  
Now, with rival nations ready to attack, and a rebel movement within their own borders, Rhea and Lexos must fight to keep the kingdom—and the family—together, even as treachery, deceit, and drama threaten to strand the twins on opposite sides of the battlefield. 
In a Garden Burning Gold is a vividly written, atmospheric saga that explores the limits of power and the bonds of family—and how far both can be bent before they break.



What lengths would you go to to protect your family? In a Garden Burning Gold follows twins Rhea and Lexos as they navigate love, betrayal, politics, magic, power, and family legacy – how far can they be pushed before they break?

Each twin has essential responsibilities to their country and their family. Using powers handed down from their father, Lexos controls the stars and the tides while Rhea changes the seasons. With their father’s grip weakening, the twins must take matters into their own hands and attempt to keep their world from crashing down. With different views but that invisible twin bond, we follow each POV as they struggle to save their family and country in the best way they can.

My first Rory Power book and her writing are beautiful – it includes stunning imagery and a fun spin on Greek mythology and culture. While the beginning of the book is a slow burn, once the pace picks up, the plot thickens, and you will be reading until all hours of the night. I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters, including Michali, Stavra, and the twin’s younger siblings, Nitsos and Chrysanthi. I hope we get more from Chrysanthi in the next book, and I feel that her connection with Rhea will help keep her grounded and moving forward.

Overall, this book keeps you on your toes – and the last line leaves you excited for the next book in this epic fantasy series.

About Rory Power

Rory Power grew up in New England, where she lives and works as a crime fiction editor and story consultant for TV adaptation. She received a Masters in Prose Fiction from the University of East Anglia.

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