Young Adult Review: Rider’s Revenge (Rider’s Revenge Trilogy) by Alessandra Clarke

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by Alessandra Clarke
Young Adult Review: Rider’s Revenge (Rider’s Revenge Trilogy) by Alessandra ClarkeRider's Revenge Series: The Rider’s Revenge
Published by M.L. Humphrey on December 31, 2020
Source: ebook
Genres: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
Pages: 712
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Format: eBook
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She chose the path of revenge. But is she strong enough to survive it?

"Rider's Revenge is a fast-moving epic, featuring a heroine that's bravely thrown herself into unimaginable peril...for fans of Trudi Canavan's Black Magician trilogy, Kristen Britain's Green Rider series, Rachel Hartman's Seraphina."

"It's not too late to choose a different path, K'lrsa dan V'na of the White Horse Tribe."

K'lrsa turned to the Lady Moon. "Yes. It is. And that life? That was never the life for me. Never the life I wanted. To sit around a campfire with babies and grandbabies at my feet?" She laughed, soft and low, refusing to cry once more, to acknowledge the subtle appeal of those promises of peace and love.

She would never be the woman in those images, even if she did turn back now.

And what would she go back to?

Her father, the only one who had truly loved and believed in her, was gone.

This is a large print edition created using Verdana 16 pt font. All page numbers and titles are located on the outer corner of the page. Chapter headings and paragraphs are left-justified using a ragged right margin so that all words and letters are evenly spaced. All italics have been replaced with bolded text. There is also extra spacing between lines and paragraphs and no paragraph starts or ends with a single line on a different page. This book is also printed on cream-colored paper and with a matte cover to reduce glare. This version is a hard cover version, but has no dust jacket.


K’lrsa wants nothing more than just to be a rider for her tribe, not a wife to some overbearing man that doesn’t understand her. When her Farther is murdered, and she makes a desperate plea to the Gods to avenge him, little does she know the way her life will change. K’lrsa is impulsive at times, but that makes her more relatable as she is a tribal woman who doesn’t understand the way women are viewed in the city lifestyle she was trying to adapt to inside the palace. When she discovers who it truly is that murdered her Farther and the proper depth of her magic, the ending fits so perfectly. The uniqueness of the outfits that the doronoa (the King’s property) wear to keep them in line is fascinating, and the unknown dark magic hidden right under the King’s nose is fantastic. The twists and turns inside this story are enough to keep you reading through, and with the short chapters, you won’t believe how much you read. I thoroughly enjoyed this first book and am eager to see how K’lrsa will save her tribe.

About Alessandra Clarke

Alessandra Clarke has been losing herself in the worlds of fantasy novels since she was old enough to borrow her first book from the library.

She loves the worlds of Valdemar, Darkover, and Pern, and wishes she could live a hundred lives just so she could read all the books on her to-be-read shelves while still having time to write, take her pup to the dog park, and see her friends and family.