Sisters of the Snake (Ria & Rani #1) by Sasha Nanua and Sarena Nanua

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by Sasha Nanua and Serena Nanua
Sisters of the Snake (Ria & Rani #1) by Sasha Nanua and Sarena NanuaSisters of the Snake Series: Ria and Rani #1
Published by HarperCollins on June 15, 2021
Source: Netgalley Arc
Genres: Diversity & Multicultural, Family, Fantasy, General, Royalty, Siblings, Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 512
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Format: Ebook Arc
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A lost princess. A mysterious puppet master. And a race against time—before all is lost.
Princess Rani longs for a chance to escape her gilded cage and prove herself. Ria is a street urchin, stealing just to keep herself alive.
When these two lives collide, everything turns on its head: because Ria and Rani, orphan and royal, are unmistakably identical.
A deal is struck to switch places—but danger lurks in both worlds, and to save their home, thief and princess must work together. Or watch it all fall into ruin.
Deadly magic, hidden temples, and dark prophecies: Sisters of the Snake is an action-packed, immersive fantasy that will thrill fans of The Wrath & the Dawn and The Tiger at Midnight.


A twin story involving snakes and one is a princess, and one lives in the slums. It reminded me of the princess and the pauper story but with an Indian flair and mind-reading twisty snake magic. The twins are identical, so when they switch places, no one is the wiser. The princess has lived her whole life in the palace, never out in public while the other roams the streets as a thief escaped from an orphanage. The thief meets a princess, and a light bulb goes off, and it is only supposed to be three days but ends up being weeks—their a love interest with both twins as well as a snake familiar. Dark secrets are being kept in the palace, and the switch starts to bring things to light. Sisters of the snake are the first of the series about these twins, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.



About Sasha Nanua and Serena Nanua

Sasha Nanua has always loved writing with her twin sister since the age of nine. They’ve written countless unfinished novels, but have managed to publish a few as teen writers. The Gemstone is the first book of The Pendant Trilogy, followed by The King’s Jewel and The Poisoned Emerald, now available everywhere online. SISTERS OF THE SNAKE will be available from HarperTeen in 2021

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